On December 21, an inspection team from China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), led by Mr. Xiang Changle, head of secretariat of CAST, and Mr. Su Xiaojun, deputy director of the department of academics of CAST, visited the headquarters of CSA. Mr. Yu Guangyan, president of CSA, and Ms. Yue Lin, secretary general of CSA, attended the meeting.


In the beginning, Mr. Yu gave a full report on activities and events of CSA in 2016, including reforming and overhauling measures, party leadership development, academic conventions, member recruitment, public events and facilitating government function transferring. After follow-up speech from Ms. Yue Lin, the inspection team addressed CSA leadership by recognizing the efforts and achievements of CSA and called on to further reconfigure governance structure.


CSA leadership vowed to abide by party rules and work under the guidance of President Xi Jinping to the better future of Chinese oral health professionals and the overall dental health of Chinese people.

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