1.Member Login

    New Member: Please click “Member Registration” on the homepage of Membership Service Website, enter the page of “Non-Membership Registration”, fill in user name, password and personal information, then start subscription process.

    Renewal Membership:First time login Membership Service Website: Please click “Check Membership Number”,fill in membership number or ID number, check membership information, confirm information, set up login password and start login on the homepage of the website, examine your membership expiry date.

2. Subscription  Click “Membership Subscription Status” to make a payment.

Subscription consists of Personal Subscription and Subscription for others.

Select “Subscription for Others”, system will prompt member to fill in membership number, ID number or Millitary ID number to check the member.

3. Confirm Subscription Object

All the details about card ID,name,ID and company will be shown on the screen,check and turn on the “Confirm ”to go next.

4Select how many years you want to pay.

5. Check the information.

6. Pay for it.

7. You can see your order after you pay.