1. As having a CSA membership, you have also become a member of stomatological association in your province.

2. Being eligible to become a member at Professional Committees of CSA

3. A discount of 100RMB is available when attending meetings, seminars organized by CSA

4. Get 4 issues of ‘Chinese Stomatological Association Communication’ per year for free.

5. Get CNKI ditigal library whole database card, which is worth 50RMB, for free ( only for first-time registration)
6. Your member name can be listed in the ‘Chinese Stomatological Association Communication’and

7. From the starting day of your membership, all valid members will get Chinese Journal of Stomatological Continuing Education (30RMB per issue, 6 issues per year) and The Journal of the American Dental Association (Chinese Version, 4 issues per year).

8. Chinese Journal of Stomatology can be browsed and downloaded with full version at A 50% discount of reviewing fee could be received when submitting paper.

9. A discount will be received when studying online continuing education, including Professional Training of Stomatological Nurse, Patients Management for Stomatological Doctors,etc., at

10. Documents and information regarding national and international academic activities, trainings and seminars could be received.

11. Having a prioity in participating Contest of Outstanding Paper Award organized by CSA and its professional committees.

12. Having a priority in submission to ‘Chinese Stomatological Association Communication’

13. Log on to the Membership Service Website for free.