WANG Xing: Chinese Stomatological Industry has great potentials for further development


The President of Chinese Stomatological Association, WANG Xing, attended 2008 Sino-ASEAN International Stomatological Communication and Cooperation Forum on November, 8th. “Though there is a certain gap between Chinese and developed countries, a great developing potential exists”, the Presidentclaimed.


President WANG introduced the background and current updates of Chinese Stomatological Industry. Most of stomatological personnel in China seekcareers in big citiesand this result to a healthcareresourcesconcentration in metropolitans, and an imbalanceover the nation especiallybetween Eastern and Western China. In addition, if assumingthe dentist to population ratio is4000, there would be 325 thousands dentists in China since we had a population of1.3 billion. However, by the end of 2007, the amount of resisted dentists in mainland China was only117508, and this huge gap represents a great possibility of further development.


Then, President Wang talked about thedrawbacks of one fold personnel structure in China,  which means there were only stomatological dentists and nurses, but no dental therapists, dental laboratory technologists, dental assistants, who were necessary for acomplete professional personnel structure system of stomatological services.


‘We see a great future for Chinese Stomatological Industryfrom with both public and private institutions will benefit. Here I inviteallhealth ministries officials, dental professionalsand manufacturersof ASEAN countries to shift theirattention to China and share this prosperous futurewith us,’heended his speech with this offer.


2008 Sino-ASEAN International Stomatological Communication and Cooperation Forum was held in the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning, on 8th November. It provided a platform for China and ASEAN countries in scientific research, medical education, academic communication, technological cooperation and stomatological equipment and apparatuses trading, etc., aimed at a further promotion of development in stomatological industry and medical science in China and ASEAN countries and advancing the cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the field of stomatological services and trading.