The 2017 International Symposium of Young Scientists in Oral Health Research (2017 ISYSOHR) will take place on August 25th -26th, 2017, in Beijing, China. We would like to invite international young scientists in oral health research around the world to attend the symposium.

Young researchers are the frontline intermediate force of oral health research and future. The 2017 ISYSOHR aims to bring elite young scientists together from all countries to meet, discuss and exchange inspiring ideas that would lead to research collaborations, which will shape the future oral sciences.

Beijing is the political and cultural center of China, becoming the new hub of scientific research and one of today’s hottest research collaboration sites of world-renown. Come and join us in the 2017 ISYSOHR to build the connection, to share your research and inspire innovations in oral health research.

You are welcome to Beijing!