Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA) is a national academic voluntary nonprofit organization of scientific and clinical practitioner of stomatology as well as enterprises and institutions and social organiza-tions relevant to stomatology, which is the link and bridge between the government and the scientific and clinical community of stomatology, and is also the social force developing the stomatological science for China.


It is the only first-grade national stomatological academic society registered at the Department of Civil Affairs and supervised by the Ministry of Health. The Association was founded on November 7th 1996, formerly known as the Oral Science Society of Chinese Medical Association, which was established in 1951.


The objectives of CSA , abiding by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies and social ethics, is to unite the stomatological profession, promote the prosperity, development and innovation of the science and technology of stomatology in China, serve the members and the professionals of stomatology, and promote oral and general health of all the people in China.


The superme authority of CSA is Member Representatives Assembly, in which the Board of Directors is elected. During the intersession, the Board of Directors exercises the authority. The Executive Board of Directors, elected by the Board of Directors, provides the leadership function of the association when the Board of Directors is not in session. The Board Meeting is convened every year, and the Executive Board Meeting is convened four times a year. Presidential Working Meeting is also held aperiodically to improve the system of decision-making procedure for the association. There are nine working committees to be responsible for formulating the plans in their fields and reporting the related opinions to the Board of Directors. There are 12 administrative offices to follow and carry out the decisions of Board Meetings, Executive Board Meetings, President Office Meetings and Secretary General Office Meetings, and to conduct the daily operation of the association, so as to constantly refine and standardize rules and priciples of CSA.


Since the Chinese Stomatological Association was established, the nationwide stomatological branches have also been independent from the medical associations to establish stomatological associations at provincial or municipal levels, as unit members of CSA.The Chinese Stomatological Association offers guidance for those provincial of municipal stomatological associations.


Since establishment, the Chinese Stomatological Association has been focusing on the development of professional, specialized committees (i.e. specialized associations) and branches. Now, CSA contains has 21 professional, specialized committees and 3 branches and over 1000 excellent specialists of all fields of stomatology throughout the country consist the committee members.


The Chinese Stomatological Association always adheres to the principle of the law and strictly complies with the rules and regulations of the State and the ministries and commissions for the society management. The association reinforces optimized service to members and improving their satification focusing on the concept of becoming the home of members. CSA is committed to unite all professionals in stomatology and to develop a prosperious and harmonious organization.